Gentoo Overlay Project

Primary purpose is for Second Life with the following added:

  • Working streaming media on 64-bit systems.
  • Working vivox on 64-bit builds.
  • Spacenav 3D joystick support.
  • Many build fixes, no more stupid gcc errors that prevent builds.
  • Some pjira bugfix patches.
  • Some pjira feature add patches.
  • A few third party patches that are useful to the everyday user while not interfering with the existing User Interface. IE:One can not or turn off the feature within the client.

To use my overlay

As root:

layman -f -a Techwolf -o ''

Or if using paludis:

playman --layman-url -a Techwolf

"emerge -av secondlife" for the main client
"emerge -av firestorm-hg" for the firestorm client

The secondlife package (that is no longer) provided by portage differs from this overlay:

  • No voice support in the portage provided ebuild.
  • No USE flags support for vivox, openal, webkit, gstreamer, fmod, or dbus in the portage provided ebuild.
  • Joystick INTENDEDLY disabled in the portage provided ebuild. This includes all joysticks, including the spacenav 3D joystick.
  • The ebuilds in this overlay provide full joystick support, voice support, USE flag support.

Optional USE flags

  • openal: Enable the openal soft sound system, default on.
  • vivox: Enable the voice support. This binary requires some 32-bit libs on 64-bit system. The 64-bit build of the Secondlife can use the 32-bit vivox binary. Default on.
  • fmod: Enable the fmod sound support, default off.
  • llwebkit: Enable the qt-webkit support. Disabling this may reduce some search functions within the Secondlife client. Default on.
  • dbus: Enable or disable the dbus.

Other programs

There are other secondlife related programs in this overlay.

  • Firestorm This is a homebrewn viewer which adds new functionality to the viewer with the intent of easing the users interaction with the environment. Popular with powerusers and l33t users.
    "emerge -av firestorm-hg"
  • Imprudence Metaverse (SL) viewer with an emphasis on usability and bold changes.

Non-3D GUI clients, for when you just need to chat and other things that don't need a full 3D GUI view.

LL CMS Branches

There is several mercurial branches from Linden Labs and third party viewers. They are:

  • secondlife-hg is a live hg pull from a viewer development or release canidate repro. This repro is being maintained by LL and the open source community.
  • firestorm-hg is a live hg pull from the phoenix viewer project of Linden Labs viewer 2/3.x based code.
  • All branches do a live pull from the hg repository, to update, just re-emerge them.
  • All can be installed at the same time.
  • To run the client, just use the menu or from the command line, secondlife or firestorm-hg for the client you wish to run.

3Dconnexion's SpaceNavigator

3Dconnexion's SpaceNavigator users may need to do the following:

  1. Uninstall any 3Dconnexion company supplied linux drivers as they conflict with the one built into the kernel. The SpaceNavigator shows up as a HID device that Secondlife can use.
  2. Create some udev rules if they are not supplied with the distro. Currently gentoo does not.

  1. Create some hal policy rules to prevent the SpaceNavigator from being used as a mouse with hotpluggin on x-org. Only needed if you find the joystick controlling the mouse.

My ~/.alsoftrc, adjust for your system

My ~/.asoundrc, adjust for your system